MCH Epi, LLC (Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology) was founded in April 2022 by David J. Laflamme, PhD, MPH.

David Laflamme served as the New Hampshire (NH) State Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist contracted through University of New Hampshire (UNH) Institute for Health Policy and Practice for 18 years (2003-2021). He continues to work in applied maternal and child health epidemiology to help clients with their public health data and measurement challenges.

Dr. Laflamme has experience in conducting analyses of maternal deaths, severe maternal morbidity, perinatal periods of risk, unintended location births, unexpected newborn complications, early elective deliveries (e.g. nulliparous term singleton vertex cesarean rate), newborn screening timeliness and unsatisfactory specimens, teen births, infant mortality, data quality of race and Hispanic origin (comparing births vs electronic medical records), smoking during pregnancy, neonatal abstinence syndrome, perinatal substance exposure, closure of labor and delivery units, and other maternal and child health-related topics.

David holds an MPH from the Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine and a PhD from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.